Meet Our Horses


Chance is a Quarter Horse gelding who spent his early years as a Western Pleasure and trail horse. Chance loves trail riding and wearing crazy costumes with his mom. His quiet but silly personality make him great match for a wide variety of participants. Chance is never in a hurry to get anywhere, and his favorite lessons are when he can just slowly walk around or nap while his rider plays a game on his back!

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Ollie is a Quarter Pony gelding who found himself in a bad situation early in life, but got rescued and had a great home with a loving family.  He is pretty game for anything, as long as he’s getting attention and treats! Ollie's goofy personality, small size and quiet nature makes him a great match for many of our younger and smaller riders. Ollie may be the smallest horse on our farm, but he has the biggest personality!



SAS is an American Paint Horse mare. She enjoyed a career as a Hunter/Jumper show horse and still loves to jump. She has a very sweet personality but is also full of sassy attitude and lots of opinions! While SAS works in several of our programs, she most enjoys teaching our independent riders all about trotting and cantering! 



Splash is a 2007 thoroughbred/welsh cross gelding. He has done a little bit of everything from showing to trail riding in his earlier years. Splash loves people and loves getting attention (and treats)! He is very patient with all our students and especially loves working with our more advanced riders and helping them work on their independence!


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