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Meet Our Horses


Chance is a Quarter Horse gelding who spent his early years as a Western Pleasure and trail horse. Chance loves trail riding and wearing crazy costumes with his mom. His quiet but silly personality make him great match for a wide variety of participants. Chance is never in a hurry to get anywhere, and his favorite lessons are when he can just slowly walk around or nap while his rider plays a game on his back!



Ollie is a Quarter Pony gelding who found himself in a bad situation early in life, but got rescued and had a great home with a loving family.  He is pretty game for anything, as long as he’s getting attention and treats! Ollie's goofy personality, small size and quiet nature makes him a great match for many of our younger and smaller riders. Ollie may be the smallest horse on our farm, but he has the biggest personality!


Bo Taylor

Bo is a Saddlebred and our biggest gelding here at MMTHC, but truly a gentle giant. He came out of retirement specifically to join our herd of special unicorns! Bo's favorite part of his job is that he gets so much attention and love. Even though Bo is our tallest horse, he will happily carry even the smallest of rider and always lowers his head to get snuggles from friends of all sizes. Bo's absolute favorite treats are soft peppermints! 



Buddy, who originally came to us as "Django," is a bit of a mystery in both age and breed, but what we do know about him is that he is a very sweet, friendly gelding who adores people and truly wants to be a good boy. He lives up to his new name because he truly just wants to be best buds with anyone he meets, and always thinks cuddling would be more fun than working! While he may not have had much formal training before coming to us, his laid back, goofy personality makes him a great fit for any of our programs! Buddy absolutely loves to jump and enjoys going to shows with his mom, Ashlyn.



Sunny is a 2006 Appaloosa gelding. He previously was an eventer with his owner until he had to retire due to hock arthritis. Sunny is a goofy boy who loves attention and seems to enjoy being with people more than other horses! Sunny is happy to carry riders of all sizes and skill level, and he loves getting attention from anyone who will love on him!  

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