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We will always be incredibly grateful to Sanctuary Farm and the Willson Family. Without them giving MMTHC our start at their facility, we could never have gotten off the ground! 




Thank you to Dusty Batten for generously sharing her beautiful farm with us to allow MMTHC to have a permanent home!




Thank you to ThermoFisher for providing us with a grant and man power to build our arena fence!

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Thank you to The Fred Smith Company for donating our beautiful arena so that we have a safe place for lessons!




Thank you to Dayne and Emily Batten for donating towards our arena build project!


Amber Decker

Gloria Mayo

Jerry Arnold

Linda Sewall

Anne Cooper

Pamlico County Horseman's Association

Terri Eakes

Robert and Sue Drake

Linda Esposito

Karen and Bob Kattman

Valerie Sills

Jim Stephens/Stephens Construction 

Anita Fries

Cathy Lingle

Amelia Perkins

Heather and Jim Panczykowski

Karen Doud

Janet Clarke

Lisa Reynolds

Krista Nixon

Brenda Gaddy

Richard Goldston

Dana Parker

Carolina Season's Nursery

Amanda Chils

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