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Program Volunteer

Leaders and sidewalkers are needed for most of our classes.


The leader's responsibility is the horse at all times, which means that they maintain the horse's pace, calmness, and focus while allowing the participant to do as much as he or she is able. This role is specifically for those with previous horse experience.

The sidewalker's role is to help the participant with balance, focus and reinforce instructions in the lesson. The sidewalker's responsibility is the participant: interpreting instructions, providing physical support, offering encouragement, redirection and supervising. This role is perfect for those that enjoy interacting with the participants hands on and requires no previous horse experience.


Barn Volunteers

Barn volunteers are responsible for helping with  maintaining the cleanliness, orderliness, and function of the barn, as well as helping the instructor ensure lessons run smoothly for the day!


Activities may include mucking stalls, cleaning water buckets or feed flats, grooming/tacking horses for lessons, feeding and haying the therapy horse herd, cleaning the barn aisles, cleaning tack, turning horses out and assisting the staff with subsequent projects or tasks.

This role is perfect for those with varying schedules, or for those that enjoy taking care of horses.


Handy Volunteers

Do you have a knack for fixing things? We need you!


Farm work is hard work, and horses have a tendency to break things! If you enjoy working outside and have good fix-it skills, we'd love to keep you busy! Let us know what you may be willing/able to help with, and we will see how we can get you involved!


Fundraising Volunteers

We heavily rely on our team of volunteers to help with fundraising preparation, execution, and break-down. We also need volunteers to be on working event/fundraiser committees.

This role is perfect for those with seasonal availability, or skills in event planning or fundraising.

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