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Our in-depth curricula are created to be easily tailored for each individual and help make planning and implementation as easy as possible. We did the work so you don't have to!


Ground School Program Curriculum

The Ground School Curriculum includes 18 ground-based horsemanship badges/certificates that go in-depth into learning each skill, both in an educational and hands-on way. The Participant Workbook includes pictures, diagrams and in-depth explanations of each skill, along with a worksheet and three tests of varying levels (from a picture test to a short answer test), so that you can choose which level would be best for each individual. The Instructor Guide gives step-by-step instructions on how best to teach the skill and items to discuss with your participant(s), as well as added resources. Our goal was to create a curriculum that went in-depth into teaching ground horsemanship skills in a way that was easily tailored for each individual's needs and level of learning. We have been using this curriculum at PATH Int'l Premier Accredited and member centers for 5+ years and have found it to be a great way to include participants who may be contraindicated for mounted lessons/over our weight limit, great for participants with anxiety around the horses and we even have some participants who simply enjoy doing ground school over riding! 

Ground School Program Curriculum Cost $250 plus $10 shipping and handling


What is included with you purchase of the Ground School Program Curriculum:

         -140+ page Instructor Guide
         -100+ page Participant Workbook

         -Distance guidance with how to start and implement                   this program at your center


Easy to Use Long Lines

Tired of having to juggle long driving lines to be able to long line your horse? Unorganized long lines can be a big safety hazard! We are now offering custom length long lines, designed to be long enough for safety, but short enough to prevent the long liner from getting them tangled or tripping over them. The long lines are made from sturdy polypropylene braided ropes with strong brass snaps. If you don't see a size you like below, we can make any custom length!

Mini Horse length 8' set  -  $15 plus shipping

Small and Medium Pony Length 12' set  -   $20 plus shipping

Large Pony to Small Horse Length 15' set - $25 plus shipping

Average to Large Horse Length 18' set  - $30 plus shipping

Vaulting Movement Flip Chart


Get your laminated spiral bound flip chart of the basic vaulting moves used in the Interactive Vaulting Certification today! 

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