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Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding focuses on teaching the participant riding skills while adapting the skills to whatever level is safe and most beneficial for each individual. Our staff of certified therapeutic riding instructors are specially trained to work with individuals with special needs and maintain a high standard of safety while also helping the participant to further their riding goals. While therapeutic riding focuses on teaching riding skills, many of the researched benefits include improved gross and fine motor skills, social skills, improved balanced, core strength and communication skills. 


Ground-based Horsemanship

Ground-based Horsemanship lessons focus on learning ground-based horsemanship skills and are designed specifically for participants who are not suited for mounted therapeutic riding, due to a contraindication, fear or personal preference. Our Ground School lessons offer skills from grooming to more advanced skills like long lining, barn maintenance and horse desensitization, through the use of an 18 skills badge/certificate curriculum developed by the MMTHC founders. Ground School focuses on developing a strong partnership with the horse through the learning of ground-based training techniques.


Interactive Vaulting

Interactive Vaulting is a group activity that works on social cues, communication and teamwork. The group setting not only promotes healthy relationships between peers, but it also teaches empathy and respect for the horse, helps build confidence and learn equestrian vaulting movements. The vaulting movements can be as basic as sitting on the horse to as advanced as standing or doing a click on the horse while moving. Interactive Vaulting lessons have up to 6 participants in a 1-1.5 hour
lesson. Participants in Interactive Vaulting need to be able to walk/run without assistance and follow simple instructions. Interactive Vaulting is taught by a Certified Interactive Vaulting instructor and in partnership with a horse who is specially trained in Interactive Vaulting.


Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy 

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) is a ground-based activity that utilizes a Mental Health Therapist in partnership with an Equine Specialist to help participants reach their therapeutic goals through building a relationship with the horse and through the learning of horsemanship skills. Studies have found that participants in EFP achieve their goals 50% faster than those in a traditional therapy session. EFP is offered in private or group settings.


Equine Assisted Learning 

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a ground-based experiential learning program that partners with an educator and helps participants learn life skills and achieve their educational, professional and personal goals through building a partnership with a horse and learning ground-based horsemanship skills. EAL is offered in private or group settings.


Traditional Riding Lessons

MMTHC has a limited number of spots available for traditional riding lessons. These lessons focus on not only riding, but learning grooming, tacking and basic horse care in a fun and safe environment. 

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